FAB Tools Overview

CPM stands for Corporate Performance Management.  It is a recognized industry term that describes the methodologies, metrics, processes and systems used to monitor and manage the business performance of an enterprise.  In UCAR it refers to a suite of tools including the following: 





IBM® Cognos TM1
  • A multi-dimensional data modeling and analytics tool in which budget scenario data is created for forecasting, analysis, and budgeting.
  • Provides the foundational layer to support institutional and programmatic budget planning and budget management processes.
  • Provides ad hoc analysis capabilities for advanced users.
FAB (Forecasting, Analysis, and Budgeting Tool)
  • Serves as data entry portal for budget/plan creation.
  • A customized front end user interface for entering data into the Cognos TM1 cubes.
  • Built on Microsoft® SilverLight™ development platform using .NET to provide a user-friendly grid-based interface including spreadsheet-like features and functionality.
  • Required to mask the complexity of the underlying data models designed to meet highly customized staff planning requirements. 
  • Provides core analytical reporting grids for forecasting analysis.
Cognos BI (IBM® Cognos Business Intelligence)
  • Report development and delivery tool that provides formal report delivery and dashboard capabilities.
Report Distribution Tool - *new 2014**
  • UCAR-developed web application to support automating of report view creation and distribution.
  • A relational staging data base / data warehouse which sources data nightly from IFAS, iVantage, and eventually Click Commerce Proposal and Awards systems so data can be used in the TM1 analytical models and Cognos BI reports.


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