Cognos BI and FAB UI User Request for Access

The Lab, Program or Group Administrator approves access based on specific job needs and submits and/or confirms all access requests. Submit requests for access to
Entity Budget offices confirm requests and provide final review for access and then assign new users to security groups based on the access requests.  IT Staff set up actual access based on assignments.

Cognos BI Report Access

Account and Salary Access – The user can see / run all report but in HR Type Reports, the user can view salary info only within their assigned Lab or Program.

Account Access (The user can see / run all reports but in HR-Type reports the user can run the reports, but does not see salary information for individuals.) 

Report Consumer - for report bursting, user how gets BFF but does not use Cognos BI

 HR Type Reports in Cognos BI:

FAB Application Access

FAB Hourly – Salary and FAB % in Key - Salary Access to all Data Entry Grids and all Report Grids              

FAB Hourly - Basic and FAB % in Key - Basic Access to all Data Entry Grids and all Report Grids, NO ACCESS to Salary Planning Grid           

Non-Salary Planning Access to all Non-Salary Data Entry Grids, NO ACCESS to any Staff / Salary Planning Data Entry or Report Grids

Expected Budget and Account Attribute Planner ONLY ACCESS to ABS type data entry Grids            


Below are the areas of data that are restricted in the system.

Read Access to Employee Salaries

Salaries downloaded from UCAR's HRIS iVantage system are viewable based on a users’ lab, division, program, or department.  All users of the system must have attended the UCAR Salary Access training prior to getting access to the system.  Please refer to the UCAR Salary Access guidelines for more information aee attachment on this page.

Contact your entity Budget and Planning office for information on your access.

If you have not attended the UCAR salary access training please contact any member of the CPM core team.


Write Access to Account keys

 When creating budgets, only users who have been designated as owners of a group of account keys based on the Financial Org Hierarchy within the Account Key dimension may write employee assignment and non-salary planning data to their designated keys. Contact your entity Budget and Planning office for information on your access.




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